Bharti Soft Bank

Senior Software Engineer

Jul 2014 - Nov 2015 (1 y 4 m)

Gurugram, Hr, In

Played a pivotal role in the initial development phase of Wynk Music, contributing to its foundation and early growth.

Gained valuable experience in mobile app development, code review, and team collaboration during this period.

I was an integral part of the Android team, contributing significantly to the development of Wynk Music, a widely-used online music streaming application.

I took the lead in implementing Uncle Bob’s Clean Architecture with the MVP pattern, which made the Android app easier to manage and scale.

One of my key achievements was successfully integrating advanced features like encrypted music download and caching. I modified the ExoPlayer library to ensure users could access premium content securely and seamlessly.

I also played a pioneering role in developing the offline music fingerprinting feature, using Echonest’s codegen library. This empowered users to identify and enjoy their local audio files without an internet connection.

Throughout the project, I collaborated effectively with cross-functional teams, including iOS developers, backend engineers, and UI/UX designers, to deliver a cohesive and consistent user experience across different platforms.

This unique implementation not only enriched the music experience for millions of users but also played a significant role in combating piracy, which showcased Wynk Music’s commitment to supporting artists and copyright holders.

Working on Wynk Music was an enriching experience that allowed me to grow as a software engineer and gain valuable insights into the complexities of developing a popular and feature-rich music streaming application. It was truly rewarding to contribute to Wynk Music’s success and deliver a seamless and enjoyable experience for music enthusiasts worldwide.